Pre-session two

The second week is for University of Aberdeen students as the Robert Gordon students join us next week.

The theme this week is ‘seeing in a new light to see new opportunities’

This week we’ll explore ideas about creative problem solving, while also looking at more of what the course has to offer and concluding the discussion of assessments started the previous week.

We will continue to use a mixture of workshop activities as well as discussion as we explore the use of observation to better understand what we normally ignore.

As with the previous week we want you to better understand your own skills and attributes so we will start the session by looking at your current attributes, plus those which you’d like to improve upon during the course.

Introductions (33 count etc)

Attributes Focus – circle ten that they are bring to the course, and ten to star, which they want to develop during the course. Lastly, add a + or – to the original ten if they might help/hinder the team, and which they would need to be aware of during the course.

Graduate Attributes and the ‘diamond nine‘ exercise

Looking and Observing