Week One

We meet at Fifth Ring his week in Huntly Street, just off of Union Street (turn up the road between Starbucks and Sainsbury’s and it’s on your left).

Aim: Know the course and how you’ll be working in the coming weeks.

Outcome: Leave with a worksheet to fill in on social ethnography during the coming week to familiarise yourself with the challenges some more.

All students will meet this week to learn about the course and understand the types of ideas that we’ll be looking to gather for projects, which will form the basis for teams next week.

We will also do a ‘speed round of CityLab in 90 Minutes’ so that you experience the design approach we’ll use in the course.

Before the Session

Before you come to the session you might want to look at the two videos on the CityStudio website, which inspired our version of their programme. The short promotional video offers you a student perspective of what can happen, while the longer TEDx talk offers more background to the programme, and what is needed by those who want to run a programme too.

During this session

The rough agenda for the session looks like this:

  • you’ll be introduced to the team,
  • get to know one another a bit better,
  • understand your place in the city,
  • hear about our human centred design approach to the course, of which you can find more on the ‘Materials and Resources‘ page.

The course is about developing new approaches to city-wide challenges that the city faces. You choose which of those you want to work on this term. Roughly, the key challenges for this course will be to explore

a) better ways of improving how the city uses its resources, and

b) how we can have more enjoyable experiences with the council.

You should also read through the Aberdeen City Council Masterplan for the city. This will help guide your ideas so that they fall into the right part of the ‘bigger picture’ for the city.