Week Four

Discover and Design Possibly Solutions to Your Challenge:

Aim: To explore your project idea further and start to determine what you need to know to present your sustainable prototype to stakeholders.

Outcome: The teams have gathered in depth insights to the challenge and are closer to understanding the unmet needs presented by the challenge.

You have an idea of your challenge. However, you’ve not yet probably found the underlying unmet needs that form the challenge. The ‘unpacking the moon’ exercise, will help you do that today.

You are developing a project, and all projects need to keep track of data and ideas as you move forward. We’ll go over the TheProjectCanvas_V3_EN to help you work through this during the term. Here is more about how to use the project canvas.

You need to determine your possible stakeholders. You can use this guide to help map out who could be your stakeholders. It’s probably more people and groups than you imagine. The worksheets here will help you understand this better.

stakeholder_mapping stakeholder_mapping_worksheet