Week Four

Discover and Design Possibly Solutions to Your Challenge:

Aim: To learn and use the horizon scanning approach of SIE workshop to be able to apply this to your project ideas so that you can more clearly identify y0ur users and stakeholders.


Outcome: The teams have gathered in depth insights to the challenge and outline more details about their solution.

You will have some assumptions about your idea. So before you meet with your stakeholders next week you will need to bring your starting_assumptions into the open.

While you’ll not meet your stakeholder this week, you should know who you want to talk to when the opportunity arises, and maybe have emailed the person some basic background questions to clarify the context for your idea.

You need to determine your possible stakeholders. You can use this guide to help map out who could be your stakeholders. It’s probably more people and groups than you imagine. stakeholder_mapping stakeholder_mapping_worksheet