Week Two

This week we’ll ideate a number of options for projects and form teams based on the completed 10×10 briefs of problems from last week that people bring to the session.

We’ll do that as a group to brainstorm some possible proposals before you form teams around the results and then work on these :-

Discover – Ideation

Aim: Using various techniques for ideation to consider which potential ideas to take into the next stage and ultimately develop as a team project.

We’ll each add our 10×10 results as starting points, then add sticky notes to tease out ideas, issues and considerations further. Then we’ll identify interesting ones for the group, before adding another layer of considerations before refining the notes further to form possible project ideas.

Teams will form around the ideas, but be constrained by the following rules in order to develop more diverse teams, because more diverse teams work better than less diverse ones.

Team formation Rules:

  1. no more than two people from the same discipline
  2. there should be members from both universities
  3. were possible teams should also have gender diversity too

Teams should decide upon how they will stay in touch with one another. You’ll have access to the HunchBuzz ideation platform, but you’ll also need to decide whether to share information and files via Dropbox, Google Drive, or Evernote. Also exchange Facebook or mobile phone numbers for ease of contact too.

Outcome: Each group leaves with 1 or 2 ideas which they will research thoroughly and report on next week.  They must use the research to refine challenge questions for the next stage.

Ideation Docs and Ideation_session