Week Three

Discover More about the Challenge:

Aim: Using research, the students can refine challenge questions for gathering insight which can be used to ask more useful questions when you meet with stakeholders both internally and externally.  Further discoveries can be made in preparation for engaging with communities and professionals.

Outcome: From the initial research done – using different techniques for gather insights into the challenge the team should be able to create a list of interview questions for key stakeholders for gaining deeper insights and also determine who your stakeholders are, along with other issues you need to explore about the issues raised by your idea.

This week we’ll explore the use of  journey maps (good overview of different types), or journey maps (how to guide) as a way to walk in the shoes of those who face the challenge you’re trying to improve.

A key aspect of your project is thinking about the expected experience of whoever is using your service, and remember everything is a service. Products don’t stand in isolation to our experience of using them in the context of whatever service they provide for us. To that end we’ll have you work through an experience mapping exercise today so that you better understand this concept.

We’ll use this presentation experiencemapping1-1 and exercise so that you learn how to create experience maps on your own, and can then develop one for your project.

Gather Insights Doc stakeholder_mapping stakeholder_mapping_worksheet

discover_50_things discover_50_things_worksheet