Final presentations for second cohort of CityLab

On 23 November in the Anatomy Rooms in Aberdeen we held the final presentations of the three teams from this cohort of CityLab. We had ‘Ourspace’ that proposed a way to bring together people who want to use empty shops and waste ground with those who hold, and rent out those spaces. We also had ‘Living Spaces’ that proposed benches to shelter people from rain while also offering wifi and charging for people as a way to enhance our public spaces in the city. Lastly, ‘Aberdeen By Light’ wants to develop interactive lighting displays around the city in order to engage more people, while helping to support businesses too.

CityLab 2 teams at Anatomy Room presentations

The audience posed useful questions to the teams so that they could tease out issues around potential implementation of their ideas. The audience included local and regional stakeholders, who would be interested in helping to implement the students’ ideas. As always with CityLab, the goal is sustainable implementation and development of the ideas through handing them off to council staff, or interested partners.

At the final, as last time, the guests had ‘CityLab money’ to spend on the ideas. The winner was Ourspace this time. However, word on the ground is that each of the ideas has some chance of being implemented in the future. This is good.

It’ll be interesting to see what CityLab cohort 3 bring to the table in January.


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