We sent the students shopping for biscuits

In the third week of the term we focused on experience mapping so that the students would learn to look and listen more closely to their surroundings, while also being more aware of their emotional attachment to the different phases of their experience.

The focus was to enable the students to know how to build a journey map, an experience map their adventure to buy biscuits. We told the students about this through a slide deck on the process and showed them a video of a team of students using a pram with a ‘mock up baby’ which is taken for a spin through the park and highlights problems with the pram.


Our students needed something less complicated so we split them into four teams who went to Marks and Spencers, Poundland, a chain coffee shop, and one of the shops in George Street. Four, completely different approaches to biscuits in other words, which resulted in four quite different journey maps too. However, that was part of the exercise too. We wanted to show them that there was no ‘correct’ way to do this, and that as long as the team recorded what happened and what was good/bad about the experience then it was a valid journey map.




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