Final project presentations

At the end of April we had the final presentations by the teams. Zoe Evans arranged for us to use the Belmont Cinema, which provided a good sense of occasion as each team’s presentation was put up on the big screen. After these were done everyone went down to the bar area for cake and coffee. While they were eating and drinking they could ‘vote’ on the students ideas by leaving money at each team’s stand. The stands had a board describing the idea and the students were there too in order to discuss the idea further with visitors. This went real well, and the room was buzzing with excited voices talking about big ideas.

The guests we invited to the presentations covered a range of people from across the city. We tried to have both principals from the universities, but that wasn’t possible, and only the RGU principal came this time. We also had other staff from each university, including especially staff who’d helped deliver different sessions with the students. There were also various staff from Aberdeen City Council, without whom we’d not have achieved as much as we did. The students also invited a number of people who they’d been working with on their projects as interested stakeholders, who might be taking over their ideas later.

Fit Dish project

In the end there could only be one winning team that received the most ‘money votes’ by the visitors. This was team Fit Dish, who were developing an idea to deal with food waste by gathering this up via bicycles or a tuk tuk, and then after preparing the food, selling it on a ‘pay as you like’ model. This idea is also being explored for potential development by a local food charity in Aberdeen. This would mean our goal of developing sustainable ideas would have succeeded. Watch this space to see what happens.

You can read the press releases at:



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