Final presentations

We did it. We finished the pilot term on 30 March with big showcase presentations at Belmont Cinema with about 50 people as our guests and audience for the five teams of students. Zoe remembered to bring cake. 🙂

We started with Zoe, Jon and I each saying a brief word about how this all started and what we were aiming for with CityLab. I found it more emotional than I expected. This little idea had come so far in a year and was great to see in practice.

Then we went up to one of the cinema rooms where each team had ten minutes to present their work in cinema three, and then we all went down to the cafe for a big Q&A in more comfortable surroundings. The students dealt with the questions well and brought out the depth of their knowledge on the issues, which wasn’t always obvious from the presentations. This was really good to see.

Student Q&A after their presentations

After this guests milled around the different display stands, which the students had prepapared and left ‘money’ tokens according to which ones they’d like to see funded.

While the cake was eaten, the coffee and tea drunk, people chatted and ‘voted’ with their money tokens and asked more questions of the students. I found that people were impressed by how much had been done by the students, and that they looked forward to more of this happening in the future.

The team which won was ‘Fit Dish’ which focused on reducing food wastage around Aberdeen. They will hopefully go onto finding more support and a way to push the idea forward over the coming months.



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