Culture Coding Ideas

This week we used Ari-Pekka’s idea of ‘culture coding‘ as a short workshop on how easy it is to generate more creative ideas from nothing.

culture coding steps on StattysThis worked well to make the students think more about what the essence of their idea was, and how it might be transformed, or extended with some basic changes. It was also interesting to see how it made them drop the ‘features’, or ‘how’ of the idea and get at the ‘why’ of the ideas. For example, one idea about open air cafes using recent art school graduates resolved down to ‘picnic baskets with art projects’ as a simple proof of concept. The last stage of the idea came from using some of Rory’s Story Cubes to generate a variety of options that would improve their ideas.

These created more options to develop more resilient ideas for the student teams.

Using Story Cubes to generate ideas

The teams left knowing where to go next and what would need to be done so that they would be prepared to meet stakeholders next week.


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